WOW Classic Dungeon: How to run them and what adjustments are needed

Most Worlds of Warcraft dungeons require five players, but in addition to Blackrock Depths, Psychic and Stratholme, the other can only accommodate up to 10 players. You just can't complete any tasks. Normally, you will receive a chariot, a therapist and three levels of damage. It would often be helpful if one of the damages traders had several healing spells. There are no in-game tools to find WoW Classic Gold groups, so you can usually find a group by asking where the dungeon is located in a regional chat, or more commonly in a city in the Capitol. We list the commonly used abbreviations below.

The bosses of the classic dungeons are easier to handle than the bosses of modern dungeons. Battles like Chopper Redhook in the Battle of Azeroth, in classic games, with its bombs, explosives, fixtures, and other mechanical devices, will be a raid battle, and Not a dungeon. In Classic, entering the dungeon, finding tasks for them and figuring out what to do can be much more difficult.

Unlike BfA, all tasks must be at the entrance to the dungeon (and must be done because most players will see the instance using the Find Groups tool), and Classic will spread differently on the map in many cases. Dungeon tasks, some require a large number of task chains to perform the final dungeon mission. The dungeon itself is not always easy to find, and the entrance is buried in the mountains (for example, the weeping caves and the Blackrock Depths), or after the hostile mob.

The time it takes to complete the Dungeon in World of Warcraft Classic depends on the level of your team compared to the dungeon. Does everyone insist on going on, or must they send people back to the city to recruit? How many bosses are relatively short (for example, the cemetery of Scarlet Monastery); for others, it is best to pack lunch because it takes a few hours (Blackrock Depths, we are looking for you).

In each of the following cases, we have listed the minimum level required to enter the dungeon. Usually, the task requires you to be several levels higher, and for higher dungeons, the recommended level maybe 10 to 15 levels higher than the lowest level. For dungeons with independent wings, some are often harder than others. For example, the Scarlet Monastery cemetery is easier than the Cathedral, and Dire Maul West is easier than Dire Maul North. Some dungeons require coordination to enter. Usually, only one member of your party needs this kind of coordination, and once the door or door is open, other members can follow them.

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