World of Warcraft nostalgic night green town classic mission Stavin legend story introduction

World of Warcraft has a mission, the old players should have done it, called the legend of Steven, this task is a bit difficult, many players are asking where the location of Stavin, for this problem, We deliberately sorted out the relevant Raiders, If you want to know about this task, let's take a look.

The twilight forest itself is a place full of oppressive atmosphere. Naturally, it is filled with all kinds of strange events, such as the corpse, the scythe of the moon, and WoW Classic Gold the blind eye of Mary. Presumably, little friends also have experience. After flying into the land of the twilight forest, the sky is instantly dark, and the tall towering trees obscure the sky without sunlight, making the atmosphere even bleaker, plus a variety of The incident made the Twilight Forest a deserted place at the foot of Stormwind.

The legend of Stavin, this long-forgotten and forgotten mission, is in the twilight forest, a gray area that is not far from Stormwind but not eye-catching. Steven's story can be summed up in a tragic love story, in which love makes sadness in paranoia, and finally breaks into darkness.

Location Overview:

There is a task in the night town called Stavin legend. He needs you to hand over the unsent letter to Stavin in the Stormwind Canal area. Who knows that Stavin is in the canal?

In the canal area between the dwarf area and the garden area, there is a yellow dot display nearby. Note that you must play a 26-level ghost after taking the letter next to the box. Be careful.It should be very easy to play at the same level Don’t forget to take Letter, otherwise, the map does not show yellow dots.

The little friend will receive a mission in the night town's cabin, where you will first touch the name of Steven, and then a series of clues will introduce you to the beginning of the story.

The general pass is:

1. Darwin, who was unemployed because of the invasion of Yuexi Township by the Defias Brotherhood, came to the night town.

2, happened to be the family teacher of the Flintley family and met the story of the heroine Tirona.

3. Stavin saw that Tirona, who was watering the flowers in the courtyard, was hopeless at first sight and fell in love with Tirola.

4. Stavin mistaken Telloa's enthusiasm as his love for himself, making himself even more unable to extricate himself.

5. However, the fact is that Tyrol and his fiancé are very loving and get along very harmoniously.

6, Stevens loves no fruit, begins to fall into madness, goes farther and farther in his fantasy and paranoia, and eventually kills Flint's family, including his loved Tyrol.

7. Stavin fled like a coward, and finally broke into the darkness, and the incarnation became the undead.

Steven's story maps many characters and events in reality. When the love you pay is not rewarded, the psychological emptiness will slowly spread, looking for alternatives to fill, and for the unaccompanied Stavin eventually Engulfed by his own heart.

As with us, Stavin is one of the ordinary people who are inconspicuous. There are always some negative emotions in life that have been suppressed for too long and cannot be released. The result is so intense when it breaks out. We also don't know whether it is the strange influence of the twilight forest, but the negative emotions that grow under pressure will eventually destroy the self.

And the cause of the incident, what is the feeling of the female owner Tyroa on Stavin? Perhaps this is just the vanity of the girl, I hope that a sense of superiority in the hearts of the people, not to mention her as a noble. The identity gap is ultimately doomed to the birth of this tragedy. It is no longer important that Tyroa is the victim of this farce or the inducer. The blood she shed has dried up, her soul is tortured in the manor, leaving only a beautiful little white flower swaying in the wind.

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