Innovative Hip Hop Website MyMixtapeVote Announces Launch

Innovative Hip Hop Website MyMixtapeVote Announces Launch Allowing Fans to Vote on Their Favorite Mixtapes While Earning Cash and Other Prizes

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There's few things that get serious hip hop fans as excited as the hearing and discussing the latest mix tapes from their favorite and up and coming artists. My Mixtape Vote is a new website that allows visitors to vote on the best mix tapes and awards Cash Prizes to music artists based on their performance.

October 9th, 2015

Hip hop mixtapes are more than just something some people listen to casually, for many they are an absolute passion. It's an area where music artists often express their best and most honest work, and also a place where competition between rival artists and DJ's is very high. A new voice in the online mix tape world set to emerge is an innovative website that recently announced their launch. My Mixtape Vote breaks away from other mix tape websites by allowing visitors to vote on their favorite mixtapes giving music artists the chance to win cash prizes based on how many votes they receive. Hip hop fans have responded to the idea of the new site with enthusiasm.

“We love hip hop and our new site is a way to help promote great music artists and their art form,” commented a spokesperson from My Mixtape Vote. “We think that being able to vote on mixtapes is a great way to get our visitors engaged and involved, and handing our cash prizes to artists is just another way of our supporting what we believe in.”

The full website is set to open soon and is currently accepting email sign ups to stay posted on the project's progress.

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Hip hop fans couldn't be more excited.

“I think the idea behind My Mixtape Vote is an amazing one. I can see this quickly becoming one of the top mixtape websites in the world, based off their unique and imaginative approach!” - Emily P, Blogger, New York

Follow them on Twitter or Instagram: @mymixtapevote Email them at For more information be sure to visit

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