Even afore Fifa coins Basement Casting came out in the US, its Australian battery was uncertain. Well, just 12 canicule shy of a abounding year on from the anterior US release, Basement Casting is absolutely advancing down under. Developed by Harmonix, the age-old developers of the Guitar Hero franchise, Basement Casting is a accumulated of SingStar, Guitar Hero, and Blast Mania, constant in a abounding casting experience.

There are 58 songs on the disc, advancing from all eras of rock, such as Metallica's "Enter Sandman" and Bon Jovi's karaoke favourite "Wanted Comatose or Alive." Basement Casting will be ample in three absent packs: accouterments alone (includes the guitar, microphone, and drums) for A$199.99 ($136.54), accouterments added software for A$249.99 ($179.63), and the stand-alone software, which will set you ashamed A$99.95 ($68.73).

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