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Finland Rapper Delirious Jake Brings a Positive Vibe to the COVID-19 Pandemic With New Hip Hop Single, "Covid-19"

Delirious Jake's "Covid-19" feat. J00ey K is a freshly released hip hop song with a jazzy, positive vibe on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and other major music distribution outlets. 

Delirious Jake is an up-and-coming rapper from a small town in Finland called Pietarsaari, trying to make an impression on the music…


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Legendz GC feat. Prince Ink - Money [Music Video and Review]

The self-taught singer, rapper and musician, Legendz GC's latest single "Money" captures talented lyricism together with good vibes and positive energy. 

Legendz GC has an uncanny ability to sound at home on a beat that is both party and chill at the same time, produced by STZ. Legend GC's artistry is accentuated by his collab with…


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Summer Is Coming! And None Else But Minnesota Artist 000Andre Lets Us Feel the Summer Vibes Starting to Penetrate Through

Upcoming Minnesota artist 000Andre lets us feel the heat of the summer waving through in his energetic and fun single, "Switch Up."

Reminiscent of…


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Wystelands - Smile

Wystelands describes the battle with the ego that resists, tricks and weighs heavy when trying to connect positively with other people in his new single,…


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A Reduction Center Are Able To Offer An Associated With Advantages

Hey, have you ever wondered when you looked at examples of hip hop videos or maybe some rock star videos how all those people in them look so fit? And maybe even some of the Hollywood stars? Below five simple strategies for you to model after that will benefit you achieve that celebrity body.

The Choice Labs Keto Review I tried, but it merely will…


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A Club Banger For Every Party This Year - B. Lansky feat. Vado, "The Hold Up"

Peep “The Hold Up” by B. Lansky featuring Vado. Boasting a sound true to the Miami nightlife, B.Lansky has dropped back in to bless us with his new jam “The Hold Up.” This record possesses a head-rocking bass line as B. Lansky and Vado rap back and forth about their superstar ways and the lifestyle they are currently maintaining.…

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All-Round Artistic Grind Culminates into Modern Trap Album Classic - EazyFace's "Blu Faces"

The stylish Arkansas all-round producer, writer, rapper and owner of the Blu Flame Entertainment label, EazyFace (…


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Cloudy Retro – Eleven Thirteen Sixteen [Album Review]

While going through a year of blows with a rough kidnapping and a broken engagement, while making it through college, and for reasons only known to him,…


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Peso Drops a New Banger to Up the Stakes in 2019

Listen to "Peso - Illuminati" on Spotify »

Rapper Peso drops his new single "Illuminati" on all streaming platforms, following up on his last hit release "No Feeling" on SoundCloud last month.…


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Young G Works Quickly Establishes a Mood and Rides It Out to the End: Southern Trap Bliss in New Album "Back II Works"

Young G Works’ new album, Back II Works, available at all major distribution outlets.

Rising up in Ohio, Young G Works (@younggworks)…


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Cam Bean's "Feel Like Livin'" Is Boom-Bap Rap Like No Other: It'll Make You Feel Like Life's Good, Bright, Happy and Stress-Free

Cam Bean’s single “Feel Like Livin'” (@tom_bomb_yt) is a feel-good rap song that will make you feel like life’s great when you stay focused on what you want. Lines like “I just want to be a millionaire and have a good time, I ain’t worry about…


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Successful YouTuber Remington James Drops Surprise New Album "Prototype VII"

Before he became known as one of the world’s best rappers, Kanye West was the renowned producer whose work mostly with Jay-Z propelled him to the top of the hip hop production food chain. Many today might have forgotten that it took Kanye many years of consistently releasing more and more of his rap music to eventually become respected for his rapping, and not just be “that great hip hop producer who also raps.” 

This is the analogy that came to…


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On Dre Steelo's 3rd EP, the Michigan rapper personifies hunger for success and expresses it in 6 diverse tracks

On Dre Steelo's (@Dre_Steelo) third EP, the Michigan rapper personifies hunger for success and expresses it in 6 diverse tracks.

One of the greatest things about reviewing upcoming artists is that the yearning for the come-up…


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AznBoiiWill - Cold In December

AznBoiiWill’s (@aznboiiwill) “Cold In December” is a hip hop/R&B song explaining how love and jealousy play a major role in relationships. It’s about how loyalty and trust can be a hard-to-come-by attribute in today’s society, where survival is the main focus and can get in the…


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Unsigned Hip Hop Artist Promotion | Rap Monster

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Elijah Banks - Say Something | Hip Hop at Its Best in This Moving Music Video

"Say Something" is a hip hop track that makes up the eighth track from Elijah Banks August 2018 album, Progress, Not Perfection, which has been glowing reviews for its luscious instrumentation, sonic versatility, and melodic flows, all while staying within a compact 24 minutes.

Check out Elijah Banks' album, Progress, Not…


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Vito901 - Screwed Up

Listen to Vito901 "Screwed Up" on Soundcloud »

Vito901's "Screwed Up" is a modernized old school style hip hop song. It is influence by Notorious BIG and Tyler the Creator,…

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[Mixtape] @SuspensJr 'Youngest in Charge'

"Youngest In Charge" is a collection of Suspens Jr's best musical pieces. This is the young artist first official project since his debut album "Thirteen" [January 13th 2017] and fills the gap between that project and his second studio album (title has not yet been release to the public) which is scheduled to be release January 13th 2019.…

[Mixtape] @SuspensJr 'Youngest in Charge'


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A 5 song release by KB out of Tennessee, USA has been shooting up plays on SoundCloud. From trap sounds to catchy hooks,KB brings punch and thoughtful bars.

One of the pieces “Back Up Off Me” starts with a bass pulse melody and breaks into a sub frequency that burns on my sub systems. KB breaks into a flow of confidence that relates to back off and toss him any beat he will kill it. It shows in his other tracks too. “Movement”, has a major sound and collaboration with artist D'RRese.…


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[Single] @FaceNelson160 "Ridin' Out"

FACE NELSON has just dropped his new single ' RIDIN' OUT"  off of  his up and coming project " RAWTHENTIC" with the new label of the south " BLU FLAME ENT."…

[Single] Face Nelson "Ridin' Out"


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