Varieties of Nail Extensions That you can Choose.

Nail arts are new trend in the fashion and styling industry today. It is definitely an innovative manner of adorning your nails that simply take the sweetness of your complete palms to another level. Basically, the artists express their artistic ingenuity in this tiny oval shaped area of your fingers.

Flaunting a hand saturated in shapely and beautiful nails is a desire virtually every woman. But how many of the women are in fact much luckily enough to own long nails? Perhaps only a few women can in fact grow their nails with their desirable extent.

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But you may be luckily enough to develop your nails to preferred length in the event that you choose for nail extensions from Nail Art and Extension parlour Check details.

Listed below are the different types for the further reference. Try!

Acrylic extension
Acrylic extensions are formed once the professionals mix proportionate quantities of powdered polymer with liquid monomer and allow the mixture to stand for a while until it gets hardened.

After hardening, the nail care artists sculpt the outer lining to provide the design of human nails and then mount the material over the natural nails of the customers.

When done, the artificial nail is buffed having an emery board to reach the shiny appeal of natural human nails.

Gel extension
Gel extension is typically the most popular form among the different types of nail extensions that customers demand. The fundamental feature of the variant is that it runs on the gel like substance for the purpose.

Sometimes the nail care experts apply this gel like substance over a synthetic nail surface that's been previously mounted over the natural nails of the customer. At other times, this gel is applied on the nail bed, just over the natural nails for promoting natural growth.

Following the mounting procedure gets over, the gelled nails are brought under UV light for drying and hardening purposes.

Fiber glass extension
The 3rd variety of nail extension that's popular in several clinics may be the fiber glass extension. However, this approach is fast gaining popularity nowadays because lightness, durability, clarity and 'near to natural nails' looks.

In this approach, the experts use pieces of fiber glass that have recently been cut in the same dimensions as that of human nails.

When the sculpting of the fiberglass is completed, these extensions are attached to the natural human nails and pasted with adhesive glue or resin.

Silk nail extension
This fourth variety of nail extension is never much popular as the initial two options are. Because the name suggests, silk is cut into the design of human nails and then fixed on the surface of natural nails with the aid of resin or glue.

However, a fundamental preparatory process is followed closely by the experts before applying the silk extension on the natural nails. To be specific with this, a layer of nail primer is applied on the top of natural nail followed closely by the mounting of acrylic extension before silk extensions are fixed on the nails.

When the method gets over, the nail artists use acrylic colours to boost the aesthetic appeal of the silk extensions.

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