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It is in our nature to constantly be on the lookout for the best of the best. One can call it our baser nature to always be on the lookout.


If you have seen people constantly visiting a Computer Supply Store, then you might have an inkling regarding what we are talking about.


The server is considered the most important entity of all in any kind of computer system.


There are different ways in which a server can be used. Ways and formats both can be customized. There is one particular server blade that can be highly useful.


It is the “HPE Virtual Connect FlexFabric-20/40 F8 Module for c-Class BladeSystem”. For people who are involved in the field of data networking, and the optical network section, this is a perfect fit.


This blade server uses a lesser amount of cables so the hassle will also be on the lesser side. So much so that 95% of the congestion will get solved!


It belongs to the line of FlexFabric. It has the expansion slot type of QSFP+ with a total of 12 slots.


Isn’t that something else? The server blade will be able to accommodate 18 kinds of blades.


These belong to the category of HP ProLiant and Integrity Server blades. All of them have been deemed environmentally friendly. They also carry the EU WEEE environmental certification for verification service.


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