The first Guild I would love to speak about would be the Cooking Guild

The first OSRS Boosting Guild I would love to speak about would be the Cooking Guild. In here you can find a financial institution that may be used in case you have finished Varrock's Achievement Diary, their would be the Head Chef who owns the Cooking Ability Cape, a salesman who sells pops, some provides which can be utilised to make pies such as implements and pie tins, a Dairy Churn, a wheat field in the trunk, along with a wheat mill.

So far, the Guild is pretty good. What will make the Guild better is when their could be something such as a restaurant mini-game. First, the Guild would need to be enlarged a little bit. If you ask me, it is very small. When it was expanded, and a fourth floor was added, it can be used a restaurant mini-game location.

To start this mini-game, you need to have a white apron and a Chef coat on. Following that, you must speak with the Head Chef and he'll take you to the fourth floor. He'll tell you that you have to take the equipment on the table and wait for people to order. When they order, you must make their meals before they get mad and leave. Some customers will get more angry at a faster speed. Each round will have two minutes and ten customers. The more customers you serve, the greater expertise reward you'll get. Here's a graph that will show you the different customers and the difficulty level.

If all clients are servedshould be thirty in complete, you may receive fifteen million experience. Just spend the amount of clients you served split it by two then multiply by 1000. Next is the Ranging Guild. This is not a really fun Guild in any way. I believe the only thing you can do here is to play a mini-game where you shoot a goal for a number of tickets which can be used to buy cheap RuneScape gold items that you can purchase in the Varrock Ranging Store.

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