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Summer 2009

2009 Little League Baseball
11-12 State Final Game 2 Essex than in Brattleboro
11-12 State Final Game 1 Essex vs Brattleboro
\11-12 States Colchester in comparison with Brattleboro
11-12 States Essex compared with Brattleboro
District 1 Championship South Burlington in comparison to Williston 9-10's
District 1 Championship Colchester when compared to So Burlington 11-12's 7/19 Blazers vente pas cher
Richmond vs Burlington American 9-10 All-Stars 7/18
Colchester versus Charlotte 10-11 All-Stars 7/17
South Burlington compared to Shelburne 11-12 All-Stars 7/17
Colchester in comparison with South Burlington 11-12 All-Stars 7/15
South Burlington in comparison with Shelburne 11-12 All-Stars 7/13
Colchester compared with Burlington-American 11-12 All-Stars 7/13
Colchester in comparison to Vergennes SOFTBALL 7/13
South Burlington in comparison with Vergennes 11-12 All-Stars 7/12
Colchester compared with City Center 11-12 All-Stars 7/12
Essex Town versus Grand Isle 11-12 All-Stars 7/10
Richmond versus Shelburne Destock Nike Jordan 9-10 All-Stars 7/8
Colchester vs Vergennes 7/6
Richmond 9-10 All-Stars in comparison with Mt Abe 7/2/09
South Burlington 11-12 All-Stars versus North Burlington 7/2/09
Colchester 11-12 All-Stars compared with Mt Abe 7/2/09
Colchester 9-10 All-Stars versus Burlington-American 6/29/09
Colchester A-Minor 1 in comparison with A-Minor three 6/5
Colchester A- Minor two versus A-Minor 4
Colchester LL as high as T-Ball eight compared to T-Ball 3
Colchester LL- T-Ball four when compared to T-Ball 7
Colchester LL up to Rays vs Mariners Nike Requin Homme 5/29
Colchester LL of up to Softball Cardinals compared with Cubs 5/21
Essex LL as high as Dodgers than in A's 5/2/09
St Albans versus Colchester 5/30 Nordic Cup Soccer Tournament. 2009 Nordic Cup Photos 2008 Nordic Cup Photos 2007 Nordic Cup Photos 2006 Nordic Cup Photos TN Requin 2005 Nordic Cup Photos 2004 Nordic Cup Photos

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