Kali Kali Raatan (Feat. Shub Gang) - Official Music Video by Ron Sidhu and Gami 22

"Kali Kali Raatan" translates to "dark dark nights." It is a fusion of hip hop and R&B, which is targeted toward the young hustlers trying to fulfill their dreams and aspirations by staying true to the vibe and the grind.

About the Artists:

  • Ron Sidhu is based in Seattle, WA. He is a lyricist, vocalist, beatmaker, and audio engineer. He studied beat making and audio engineering at Dubspot in New York. Heavy on hip hop and R&B, he is working on bringing a new sound to India. Now with his eyes set on Bollywood, he is releasing all his content through his label Avaray Life Records.
  • Gami 22 is also a Seattle-based Punjabi rapper.
  • Shub Gang is a very talented vocalist also based in Seattle.

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