I also have an Updated Summer 2015 Routine Post

I also have an Updated Summer 2015 Routine Post for a hot-season example. So here we go: if you have Dehydrated, Combo-Oily skin like me, this post's for you, skin twin. In this post: The first step: find your skin type Dehydrated: the hidden skin type Clearing the way: ditch 'The Shell' Build your routine Face Flash splurge on water, skimp on oil Find your Blogger skin twin: a list of routines by skin type the basics of any routine are, in my opinion: cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. But when you have Dehydrated or Combination skin (or both), your skin isn't likely to fall in love with a single moisturizer, leaving you with an extra step needed (or several) when it comes to building a base routine. I've more or less made peace with my Dehydrated & Combination skin and its quirky preferences, and I wanted to share it with my skin twins.


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