It is a known fact that brakes are the most important safety feature of any vehicle. There are so many types of brakes and braking systems. Knowing about them is useful for you next time you visit the car repair shops.
The following gives a brief explanation of various types of car brakes.

Service brakes:

They are designed to slow down the vehicle and stop the vehicle. This type of brake system includes disc and drum brakes. Most of the light trucks and cars are equipped with a combination of drums on the back and disc on the front wheels.

- Disc brakes: Disc brakes consist of a brake rotor, which is attached directly to the wheels. A Disc brake is made of a cast iron; it is also made of composites such as ceramic matric or carbon-carbon. A disc brake is a mechanism for stopping or slowing the location of a wheel from its motion.
- Drum brakes: It consists of brake shoes mounted inside a brake drum, which are attached to the wheel drum. When there is a contraction in the brake pedals, hydraulic pressure presses two brake shoes against the brake drum. The friction is created and causes the car to slow down and stop.

Anti-Lock Brakes:

The latest vehicles contain an Anti-lock braking system (ABS). The ABS work with brakes to decrease stopping systems by increasing the stability and control of the system during hard braking. When the brakes are applied suddenly, it prevents the wheels from locking up and tires from going into a skid.

Emergency/Parking Brakes:

These are secondary brake systems and are independent of service brakes. Emergency brakes are not often powered by hydraulics. Almost all emergency brakes are powered by cables which apply pressure to the wheels. They are used to keep the vehicles stationary while parked and can also be used in emergencies if the stationary brakes fail.
The following are common types of braking systems. It is always good to know about them as they come in handy to troubleshoot your car in case of any car repair.

Hydraulic braking system:

This kind of system runs on brake fluid, friction, and cylinders. The hydraulic brake systems are considered as the important braking systems for modern vehicles. By creating pressure within the diethylene glycol forces, the brake pads stop the wheels from moving.

Electromagnetic braking system:

This type of system uses the principles of electromagnetism to achieve frictionless braking. This will increase the lifespan and reliability of brakes.

Mechanical braking system:

This type of braking system powers the emergency brakes. In a mechanical braking system, the brake force applied on the brake pedal is carried to the final disc rotor by mechanical linkages like springs, fulcrums, cylindrical rods, etc.

Traveling every day in pollution, heavy traffic, and dusty environment makes the interior of the car dull and messy. It is advisable to get a car interior cleaning to have a safe and healthy journey. Also, it is advisable to get your brakes checked every now and then.

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