Difference Between Ankle Length Socks And Crew Socks

People always take wearing socks for granted as they don’t know that every type of sock is designed to offer a different purpose. Depends on the need you can find your type of sock if you want to and here, we have listed all few differences between two types of socks and some other information too.


Everyone thinks that buying and wearing socks is not a big deal but you can’t wear anything whenever you want to as there are a lot of things matters about socks which people don’t even consider such as material, length, matters, colour and so many things.


If you don’t consider such things and take wearing socks for granted then you may end up losing so many things. A dysfunctional sock can make your feet smell bad, and heels cracks.


You can’t compromise over such thing as it will make you look repellent in front of the people. Think about it how you are going to impress your clients with those smelly feet and how can you wear those trendy sandals. This all can be very complicated for you and no one wants such situations in their life.


Before start over anything let’s first know how many types of socks are existed in this world which you need accordingly. So, there are eight types of socks about which you know to save yourself from tragedies also Apart from it, these socks are helpful in some medical conditions too and sometimes doctors themselves ask you to wear a particular type of sock. Let’s count on the eight different kinds of socks.



  1. Crew length socks
  2. Ankle-length socks
  3. slip-on paddings
  4. Quarter length socks
  5. knee-length socks
  6. thigh high socks
  7. calf-length socks
  8. mid-calf length socks




These are the more basic types of socks that every need in their life and should have at least 2 pair in the wardrobe to cope up the uninvited situations as you know tragedies can come without any information. Now, we have known the main types of socks that existed and we all need, let’s understand the difference between the two main types of socks which is “Crew length socks and Ankle length socks”.


Crew length socks v/s Ankle length socks.


These are the two most common types of socks known as crew and ankle-length socks, the material used to make them are almost same and have the same purpose as they intended to wear under shoes. The main alteration between the socks are the length of both socks and the other one is people’s choice and reason to wear them accordingly.



  1. Ankle-length socks


We all struggle with socks when it comes to wearing casual shoes and loafers and especially girls when they wear sneakers. It seems little odd wear those long socks under the shoes that make the look worst. At this moment you need a saviour like ankle-length socks which you can wear under the shoes that gives a trendy look too.


These are the perfect combination just like made for each other. It covers your feet from toes to the ankle and only ankle, gives a look of modern style and goes with anything such as low-cut shoes, informal, gym shoes or running shoes. Both women and men can wear this.


Where you can wear them and what are the benefits?


People who are always running late and no time to make a match can go for ankle-length socks. You can buy two, three different colour such as white, black and any other dark usual colour which goes with everything. This will save you time too.


People who travel more and stay at one place less, ankle socks are the best option as they are comfortable and look trendy too. It will make your airport look best and classy.

You can wear ankle-length socks for the gym and exercise purpose.


  1. Crew length socks


“Winters are coming” you know? Crew socks are the best option for the ones who feel cold more than anything. We all know someone who starts wearing woollen clothes in the starting of the winters. For those crew socks are the best option out them all. These socks are designed to wear in winters for the physical activities that athletes and usually people do outdoor for example: running, and hiking.

The length of these socks is approx. six inches and sometimes eight inches. You can buy them according to the length of your legs as they can cover your calf muscles and a few inches up. The purpose of these socks is to provide comfort, coverage and protection. You can wear them with running as well as informal shoes in winter and for physical activities. Both women and men can wear this according to their needs.


 Where you can wear them and what are the benefits?


As the sole of the screw socks are deeper cushioning you can enjoy the deeper comfort and provides relief in winters. The ones who always feel winter when go outside can wear them even in the office.

They can fit you in a better way and also you can find so many colours and varieties in crew socks.


Stance provides its customers with a variety of socks to offer them comfort along with style. They are aimed to provide a sense of style and expressions with a huge variety of socks. For more visit here https://www.stance.ca/

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