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Casting the Spell of Peace with Symphonies of Jazz, New Age, and R&B: Robert Slap Stuns with New Single

Eclectic artist Robert Slap is set to inspire and magnetize listeners with his soul-stirring new track “Why Can’t we Live Together”, melding instrumentation with lyricism

Chicago, IL — April 9th, 2022-Set to mesmerize listeners with an enriching new drop, talented singer-songwriter Robert Slap hopes to make an impact with his new recordings of “Why Can’t we Live Together”, which he dropped for listeners in February…


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Aspiring To Create Hip Hop That Heals – Dante Pirtle Astounds in Latest Album titled ‘The Hell I Know’

With poignant lyricism and stunning vocals, Dante Pirtle aims to heal Black trauma one song at a time

Minneapolis, MN — Dante Pirtle is an up and coming singer and songwriter who lives in Minneapolis, MN. Originally from East Saint Louis, IL, he has been creating music with the intent to heal black trauma one song at a time. His latest album is titled ‘The Hell I Know’, and it is perhaps his best effort at creating hip hop…


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RSVSR Guide: How to Get New World Coins

Currency is necessary for survival, it makes the same in real life as well as in gaming world! In Amazon Games’ New World, New World Gold is the lifeblood and can be used to purchase primary stones, food, flasks, weapons, armors and more! So, getting enough NW Gold is the one of the most important thing for players!

How to get New World Money?


When you complete missions and quests, which you…


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New World: Releas Date, Beta Version and More

New World is the upcoming MMORPG from publisher Amazon Game Studios, though according to the original plan, it was supposed to be out by now. The game was scheduled to be released last August, but was delayed in the interest of refining the experience. The revised release window was spring 2021, but today the publisher announced that launch is being pushed again.Here's everything we know about New World:

What's the story of New World?You wash up on Aeternum, an island of legend which…


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[NEW MUSIC] Buddha Man IV - "LOVE YOURSELF" | @BuddhaManIV

Atlanta Artist, Buddha Man IV sends a positive message via his latest single "Love Yourself"

Buddha Man IV also is known as Buu Baby IV is a very versatile artist that loves to create a vibe with a smooth relaxing tone. His new song called "Love Yourself" is a song that tells you that you can do anything- just "Love Yourself" and keep pushing.

Buddha Man IV sends some positive vibes which are well-needed at this…


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Erica Banks and 1501 Certified Entertainment release her debut Self-Titled Mixtape and the visual for "Buss It"

1501 Certified Entertainment recording artist Erica Banks announces the release of her self-titled label debut mixtape "Erica Banks." The project features artists like Lil Migo and Beatking. It is highlighted by tracks “Toot That, Trip Out and Tony Story(Parts…


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New Double Down CBD For Joint Pain! Where To Buy ?

New Double Down CBD:- In spite of the way that the things are new for purchasers, this new line of weighty Double Down things has been in beta testing and a work in progress for more than 3 years. The gathering behind Double Down New Double…


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Found another Animal Crossing: New Horizons item duplicate failure

Just last week, we shared a newly discovered item repeat failure in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, where players can copy any 2x1 item indefinitely. This is not the first glitch discovered. Nintendo actually repaired the glitch discovered earlier, but now we have another glitch to try.

This time, YouTube user Do Whatever Games discovered a new malfunction. In the video below, they explain how to use the game's mail system to copy any item that can be sent as a gift to a friend, which…


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Animal Crossing online server has failed, and is now back

If you recently tried to use any of the online features of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you may encounter obstacles by accident. Players everywhere are experiencing server communication errors, which prevents online gaming. I can't communicate with my friends in the game, and my Animal Crossing Bells can't be collected and obtained.

On Saturday night, you will…


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AOC wants to visit your animals across the island

What attractive appeal can make polarized congresswoman publicize their Twitter direct messages for the first time in years? That of course is Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you want to buy Animal Crossing Bells, I still think you should buy it at IGGM. This can help you save time and money.

On Thursday evening, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted about the new fun…


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Animal Crossing fans say they’re getting trouble on Facebook over weeds

The community standards for Facebook ’s regulated goods clearly state that you cannot sell or buy non-medical drugs on the platform, which of course includes cannabis. But the explosive growth of Animal Crossing: New Horizons means that there is now a large group of people talking about weeds (such as nasty plants), which is obviously touching Facebook's safety line.

"New Horizons" places the player on a barren island, which was initially flooded with weeds. Players can remove or…


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It Seems As If Nook's Cranny Is Closed For Everybody In Animal Crossing Today

Animal Crossing: New Horizons may be mainly a game you play alone or with a small group of people, but what is interesting is the sense of community surrounding it. Some of them stem from using real-time clocks. For better or worse, we all spent the Rabbit Festival together and experienced the first fishing competition at the same time. We will soon go to see the nature festival. Although these activities are pre-arranged, there seems to be no time limit, but it seems that many people are…


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A new "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" project appeared

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have discovered another Animal Crossing Bells replication vulnerability. This is much more specific than the early failures that Nintendo patched in late March and is very easy to understand.

On Sunday, YouTube creators manually posted a video describing how to replicate the vulnerability. What you need to understand is that under this…


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Streetwear enthusiasts are flocking to Animal Crossing

Last week, the German technical apparel company Acronym released a new version of its signature product J1A-GT jacket, which is based on Hideo Kojima's PS4 game Death Stranding. Like most acronym equipment, this jacket is rare and expensive. But in another corner of the Internet, fans got the right to use it for free. In the space provided by subreddit ACNHstreetwear (a dedicated to streetwear lovers playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons), a user created a jacket in the game with amazing…


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Terraforming my Animal Crossing island has turned into a disaster

"Animal Crossing: New Horizons" provides players with a paradise, but I mistakenly thought it was my personal Eden, but it wasn't.

Two things overlap. The first is that I decided to delve into the terrain of the game. With 'New Horizons' you can choose islands according to your wishes and adjust the shape of cliffs and waters according to your needs. I moved on and decided to use an empty piece of land, so I razed everything to the…


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Some improvements will make Animal Crossing: New Horizons better

Now that Animal Crossing New Horizons has interacted with the audience for some time, the community has honed some of the key features that make it better. These range from overhauling existing machinery to completely implementing new ideas. Although this entry simplifies many fans' favorite features, some mechanisms can be improved through some adjustments.

This list summarizes some fixes and improvements that can be added to make "New Horizons" more enjoyable.

The tool is the…


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Terrain transforming my Animal Crossing island into a disaster

Animal Crossing New Horizons provides players with a paradise, but I mistakenly thought of my personal Eden.

Two things happened and they overlapped in a terrible way. First, I decided to delve into the terrain options of the game. With "New Horizons", you can fully customize the island and adjust the shape of the cliffs and waters as needed. I moved on and decided it was best to use a blank canvas, so I leveled everything. No water, no cliff. Just plain grass and occasional trees, so…


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Hip-Hop Artist, Luvvvnomore prepares for a Major Comeback with the lead single "Love Prospers" from his forthcoming album "Love Prospers"

It has been said-"When the going gets tough, the tough get going." Arkansas Hip-Hop artist, Luvvvnomore knows when difficult situations become difficult, the strong must work harder to meet the challenges. The talented 28-year-old software engineer is originally from…


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How to distinguish real art from fakes in "Animal Crossing New Horizons"

Your parents may have told you that your degree in art history will not help the real world. I bet you are happy to tell them the marginal advantage you now get in Animal Crossing New Horizons. For many residents of the island, today is the first day of a full visit from Redd. Reid (fox) is a wandering fox. The trawler is full of forged art, and sometimes real art. If you are a master of various cultures and various paintings and statues, there is no problem in identifying genuine products…


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West Coast Artist, Kushy Carlito releases his latest compilation "Lost Angels"

From the gritty streets of Los Angeles, by way of Compton, CA, Kushy Carlito, an up and coming artist in entertainment, is primed to take the game by storm. Emerging onto the scene with his kushy flows and witty wordplay, Kushy Carlito delivers an array of records portraying tales of the struggle, shedding light…


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