[Exclusive] Rising Artist C. North Releases Hit E.P. "F.E.A.R."

What is your artist name?
C. North

How long have you been making music?
3 Months

Is your music on all digital platforms?

What style of music do you make?

Where can people follow you?
Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

Who inspires you to make music?
NF, Witt Lowry, MGK, and Sik World.

What was your first song called?
Cut You Out

Do you have any tips for artists just starting out?
Just keep fighting, and fuck the naysayers.

Why did you start making music?
I started with guitar. My grandma got me my very first one when I was 12 then signed me up for lessons. I loved using my hands and feeling the fret board. Now I don’t play because I skate more. So I turned to rap instead.

What do you wanna accomplish with your career?
I want to help people to understand that they can do amazing things with themselves. Just believe in YOU. And fuck everyone else’s opinion.

Where do you see yourself in a year from now?
I see myself in a 4 million dollar mansion with my girlfriend, in San Diego California.

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